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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 18, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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that is it for this week's show. thank you to my panel and then all of you watching. i am paul gigot, we hope to see you here next week. eric: words from the president in just a few moments we do expect that the president who will be heading to morristown airport in new jersey will be boarding air force one for flight back to washington, d.c., we expect president trump to speak when he arrives there, we will bring that to you live, of course, this as top administration officials have been appearing before the sunday public affairs programs to try and calm fears of some of a possible pending recession. hello, everyone, welcome to brand new hour of america's news headquarters, i'm we we -- eric. arthel:ened i'm arthel neville, worries over the u.s. economy
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could enter into recession, the dow posting worst trading day of the year but rallied friday to recoup losses, director of national economic council larry kudlow saying the u.s. economy is in pretty good shape. >> first of all, i don't see a recession at all, second of all, the trump progrowth program which i believe has been succeeding, lower tax rates, big rollback of regulations, energy, trade reform, we will stay with that, we believe that's the heart of the free enterprise. arthel: man with the details, kevin corke, close to bedminster estate where the president is about to board marine 1, kevin. >> yeah, you're right on the money, about 15 minutes or so out of that then hopefully we will get a chance to hear from the commander in chief before he makes his way back to the white house, as you mentioned a very big week ahead for wall street around markets more broadly
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speaking especially when you consider the white house continues to pushback against the idea that recession fears are warranted and as we heard all day long they certainly don't believe, let me take you to twitter, the president weighing on this as he wants to do, if you will, he said in the hour, our economy is the best in the world by far, lowest unemployment ever with almost all categories, you've heard him talk about lowest numbers for african americans, hispanics, asian americans, women, et cetera, big growth, input prices down, china eating tariffs helping targeted farmers from big tariff coming in, great future for usa. now let's be honest, it's a little bit of mix bag as far as the economy is concern, retail sales jumped 3.4% for from a year ago, however, consumer confidence slid just a bit from july about down almost 6 and a half percent. this following as you pointed out a wild week on wall street, the dow swinging wildly left and
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right, ultimately finishing up by about 1.5%, now to be clear, if economy is strong, right, especially when compared to other economies across the globe, fact not reported enough says white house officials, the president says the media may be making a lot more out of the hiccups than they are while ignoring robust numbers across the board, he thinks there's a reason from that. let me take you back from a tweet of 15th of august, i think you will like this, i think the fake news media is doing everything they can to crash the economy because they think that will be bad for me in my reelection, the problem they have is that the economy is way too strong and we will soon be winning big on trade, everyone knows that including china. here is principal deputy hogan. >> they continue to push this narrative that somehow the economy is stuttering and it is not. when you look at it at global scale, other economies are
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faltering, ours is not, the media refuses to report it. >> so there you have hogan not long ago here on fox news, don't forget we hope to hear from the president within the hour, i'm banking on it. i promise to pass along what he says. arthel: i'm banking on it too and we will bring it to audience live when the president speaks, thanks, kevin. >> yeah. eric: gun control demands being heard across the country, do something to stop the continuing carnage, that call heard in rallies across the nation, urging the senate to end summer recess early and return to washington, d.c. to act on stricter gun laws, this obviously comes in the wake of continuing death toll from even more mass shootings that this country has suffered from el paso, dayton and the garlic festival in gilroy, california, just the latest targets, kristina coleman, kristina. >> eric, senators on fox news this morning showing support for
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expanded gun laws, men time thousands of people across the nation are taking part in gun safety rallies this weekend, there was gun control groups like moms demand action and every town for gun safety demanding that congress take action when they reconvene. activists took to the steps of city hall nationwide demanding change and calling on congress to pass stronger federal red flag law and to pass universal background checks, the rallies are part of a ramped up effort to enact gun control measures, according to politico, a few gun control groups are spending $55,000 on digital ads to target senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and other senators. >> every day i send my child to school and in the back of my mind i'm wonder whether or not he will come home safely and that's unacceptable. >> today senator lindsey graham said on sunday morning futures that president trump is working with west virginia democratic
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senator joe manchin to possibly expand gun laws, senator manchin was also on fox news today, take a listen. >> we are looking at protect legislation, grant programs to help states to hire mental health professionals for the cops to evaluate what case needs to go to court. >> the president is in a unique position to help america safe again and we need to make america safe again, people need to have confidence when they go out with family and friends, we have to start in background checks is the absolute building block that we start with. >> also here in la dozens of students took to the steps of city hall urging congress to pass stricter gun laws, rallies to take place in philadelphia, columbus, ohio and omaha, nebraska today, eric. eric: kristina, thanks so much. arthel. arthel: isis claiming responsibility for deadliest attack in the afghan capital of kabul so far this year, a suicide bombing hit a crowded
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wedding party yesterday killing at least 63 people and wounding 200 others this as president trump works in a plan to pull troops out of the country, gillian turner has more from washington. gillian: isis now claiming responsibility for that attack earlier today the group posting a propaganda photo, experts say the move has become signature for the terrorist group which is the aftermath of attacks to spread hate wide across the internet, one guest at the wedding where the attack unfolding overnight described the scene. >> the explosion happened near the stage where the musicians were, all the youth, the children and all the people that were there were killed, some are wounded and now in the hospital and others are dead. >> president trump convened a meeting with his national security team this weekend to figure out whether cutting a deal with the afghan taliban in
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exchange for withdrawing u.s. troops from the country makes strategic sense. afghanistan's president meanwhile is making the case that the taliban isn't to be trusted. >> the taliban cannot absolve themselves of responsibility because they provide platform for terrorists. >> even some of president trump's strongest supporters in the senate are opposed to the idea of a drawdown, senator lindsey graham tweeting to trust the taliban to control al-qaeda, isis and other radical islamist groups present in afghanistan as replacement for u.s. counter terrorism force will be a bigger mistake than obama's iranian nuclear deal, u.s. troops on the ground have been reduced to serving as glorified police force, they say after nearly 18 years of war, it's time for the u.s. to pull the plug. arthel. arthel: all right, gillian turner, thank you. eric: in hong kong massive
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protest continue there as they say democracy is on the line as beijing continues to watch and today's demonstration in the heart of the city, one to have largest gatherings there so far. estimated 1 million demonstrators stepped out in the rain today, protest organizers say as many as 1.7 million attending, the protests happening after those violent clashes last week, among other things shut down the city's international airport, suzanne lee has been following this live in hong kong with the very latest, hi, susan. >> that's right, you said 1.7 million, the number of rally organizers put estimates at, the police say that 128,000 were on the streets at the rallies peak, you to take into account the ones exaggerate and the other tends to underestimate.
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we were also in the rally and part of march as well, there's a lot of people on the streets despite the fact that you had direct rains to deal with and a few thousands or so from all walks of life, young and old, families, students and professionals. >> democracy march continues and the crowds certainly turned out and so did the rain but that doesn't seem to be stopping the enthusiasm. >> thank you -- >> what's the message? >> supporting hong kong extradition law. he has to help hong kong human right movement and china to treat hong kong humanly. >> largest so far in the prodemocracy movement now in 11th week and important to see a big turnout in order to gauge public support especially after the violent confrontation of hong kong airport earlier in the
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week, threatens hong kong business and travel, now, also one of the emphasis is that the prodemocracy leaders put on this weekend's rally to keep it peaceful and keep it civil, meaning no violent confrontations and no teargas but to interpret for you some of the chants that you heard along the way, at will, let's go, also one i found interesting was mean it is time for a new generation with new values and new freedoms, back to you. eric: all eyes are making sure that beijing does not make any type of provocative move, susan li in hong kong, thank you. arthel: renewed tensions in the middle east after detained iranian tanker suspected of carrying and illegal shipment of oil to syria is now set to sail there. that's up next.
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arthel: authorities in gibraltar shutting down request by the u.s. to continue holding iranian tank which clears the way to vessel to syria, concerns tehran was shipping oil to syria in breach of sanctions, trey live from bureau, trey.
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>> arthel, iranian oil tanker set to be released by british authorities in the strait of gilbratar as early as tonight this as the united states justice department issued warrant to seize the vessel, they are bound by eu law, iran changed the name of the ship from the grace 1 to adrián 1, the tanker flying an iranian fly n early july tanker was taken into british custody as it was suspected of trying to smuggle 2.1 million-barrels of oil to syria, in response iranians took the british flag into their custody where it remains, tensions do remain high in persian gulf after summer filled with attacks by iran or iranian proxies on western oil tankers and infrastructure. iran's foreign minister spoke in kuwait where he promoted iran own nonaggression agreement, rhetoric between iran and
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washington continues as they try to continue strait of hormuz. >> you look at the straits, they are not taking our ships, they are taking them from that country, this country. very important, we have very few ships going there nimg because we don't need that oil. >> raised more tensions in the region, arthel. arthel: all right, thank you very much. eric. eric: more for battle of the tankers, fox news contributor, dan, riddle me this, the ship they say was on its way to deliver oil to syria, violation of eu sanctions, the brits grab it as they should, they want to let it go, that's like the bank
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robber walking into the gun, grabs the hostage and the let the hostage go. >> iran detained a british ship in response 2 weeks later, it's very clear that it would not be released unless iranian flag vesseled would be allowed to get on its way and deliver that oil to syria. we are seeking economic lañ as part of campaign against iran and this is how they are responding. eric: and the way they respond raises the issue next time iranian tanker is seized. they can grab another tanker of our allies; is that correct? >> well, we have mounted good counter measures. it's a job for intelligence community, for u.s. military, we
1:19 pm
also rely to a great extent on our allies, we are partnering right now with the british oil marine in the persian gulf to provide security for merchant vessels, bridge to bridge communications to lure merchant vessels in iranian territory to be seized. eric: do you think this could or will even mutually lead to some type of armed confrontation with the forces of iran? >> well, certainly increases the risk, we are seeking to influence iran's near or use behavior by applying maximum economic pressure, it's certainly taking a sting and causing iran's economy to go into free fall as well as currency which is practically worthless and iranians are responding, but the united states has applied great deterrence, we have the u.s. abraham lincoln traveling into the region, b52 bombers nals the
1:20 pm
region and clear statement from the administration, we won't stand for iran attack our vessels as well. eric: here is the action from the department of justice, what they filed, incredible detail about the shipping, knew exactly what was happening, where it was going, this is what they write, irgc dominant presence in iran's financial sectors controlling multibillion dollar businesses and maintaining extensive economic interest in oil industry and nefarious activities including proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and the means of delivery, support for terrorism and variety of human rights abuses at home and abroad, is the manager of the grace 1, that's the ship, company 1 is front company that conceals illegal oil sales for iranian
1:21 pm
entity. that's part of the foundation that's holding the terrorist state of iran. >> that's absolutely right, and from secretary pompeo's statement we want to use allies get behind us to negotiate a better deal. this is about a flawed iranian nuclear deal which not even senate democrats like senator chuck schumer supported. that's what we are trying to get to eventually, but we need european allies to help us and maybe this most recent example of iran's aggressive behavior will help us put us on the right path. eric: tanker snatching scenario, you that situation and on the other side of the world, pacific, the u.s. grabbed north korean ship wise honest that they said was illegally exporting coal in violation of un and u.s. sanctions and they grabbed the ship and put up for auction by the marshals and the
1:22 pm
warmbier, the parents of otto warmbier, severely tortured to death in north korea, they filed and have 500 million-dollar suit against north korea, so they have a claim, if that ship, indeed, is sold as asset of north korea, do you see this playing out, do you see the u.s. grabbing more of the north korean ships that are still illegally exporting coal when they should not? >> right, the challenge we face with north korea is they are seeking to evade sanctions by exporting coal and weapons to places like yemen and libya and sudan, and our efforts have been impeded because countries like russia allow the north korean ves seals to -- vessels make port calls and so this was a very important step certainly for the warmbier family, this ship is not worth as much money as the family is owed but the case reportedly headed to southern district of new york, dual benefit of applying pressure to north korea and serving our interest in
1:23 pm
providing some for this family. eric: that would be sweet justice poking the eye of kim jong un if the warmbier are able to get assets of that ship. good to see you. >> you too. eric: arthel. arthel: eric, we are waiting remarks from the president which we will take live, meanwhile the trump administration pushing back against claims that american consumers are bearing the burden of the u.s.-china trade war as some economists say u.s. growth is slowing down, so how could this affect the president's reelection hopes, we will talk about it. imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs.
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eric: 20 race, democratic have been rallying. several more now buying for a spot as they race to try and
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beat the deadline that's just 10 days from now to qualify to be on that stage in september. peter doocy is live in colombia, south carolina where at least 2 of those candidates were out in the force today, hey, peter. peter: eric, bernie sanders was here in colombia trying to prove that he's different than the other democrats polling in double digits in the latest fox news poll, joe biden and elizabeth warren and he's doing that by touring troubled neighborhood, i should say struggling neighborhood here in colombia calling there for a 15-dollar minimum wage and for all arrests record for people prosecuted for possessing pot to be expunged. >> take a look at the reality of america and the reality of america is not going to wealthy people, this is part of the reality and that is people who are living in difficult housing
1:29 pm
situations, people who are working to minimum wage jobs, yeah, people who can't afford health care. peter: sanders and senator elizabeth warren were both courting african-american voters today in the state where african-american voters make up the majority of the democratic primary electorate and warren wasn't just asking for votes she was asking for prayers. >> never in a million years did i think i would end up running for office, first for united states senate from massachusetts and now for president of the united states, the reason i do is i have been called to act. peter: south carolina's primary next year may make or break some campaigns, that's why sanders and warren are both here today, beto o'rourke is not and doesn't like he will be stopping by any
1:30 pm
time soon as he continues a relaunch campaign focused on racial issues in arkansas. >> we cannot just go to the safe places, to iowa and new hampshire and south carolina and nevada as important as those states are in selecting the next president, we've got to be in arkansas. [cheers and applause] >> we've got to be in mississippi. >> o'rourke's decision to be somewhat dismissive of voters in early states could be risky because voters in early states really enjoy meeting with the leading candidates and then figuring out which ones they like so they can thin the herd of candidates, eric. eric: we will see how many make it in 10 days, peter. arthel.
1:31 pm
>> but you have no choice but to vote for me because your 401(k)'s down the tubes, everything will be down the tubes, whether you love me or hate me, you to vote for me. arthel: that's president trump in new hampshire thursday warning the economy would tank if he's not reelected, the claim come as some economists are seeing signs of slowdown ahead of president trump's new tariffs on china which are set to go into effect in september, last week the administration announcing it would exempt from chinese goods from new round of import taxes and that other planned tariffs would be delayed until mid-december, joining us now melissa, supreme court and white house reporter for the washington examiner and melissa heads up, we we are waiting for president trump, he's probably going speak to reporters there marine one is at morristown, new jersey where the president landed moments ago, once he comes out we are told he's likely to speak with reporters, so when that happens we will
1:32 pm
take that president press conference live. meanwhile, back to you, melissa, is the economy safe bet for president trump? >> well, i think that's the big question and of course it'll have a significant impact on his chances for success in 2020. we hear from the president on twitter in his rallies like last week in new hampshire, in speeches at plants across the country that one of his crowning achievements of his administration is the success of the economy, now, of course, whether as some of analysts are warning we do perhaps see economic downturn or god forbid there's a recession, i think that could significantly impact and potentially harm the president's chances and, of course, remove a crucial talking point and pitch that he makes to voters. arthel: yeah, we just heard the president saying if you hate me you have to vote for me because your 401(k) depends on it, i mean, is this a strong campaign message, message of fear in a way and could this put the president in a head to head match-up on stats with
1:33 pm
economists and other forecasters of the economy? >> it seems that way, we have seen reports that some of the president's advisers are offering him information that provides a more rosieier view of the economy than perhaps what's out there, we have to remember that the president's support is going to continue to support him really no matter what, what's going to be crucial to him, though, is winning over the those moderate republicans and independent voters, if we do -- arthel: all right, melissa, the president just let the misses and son barron, we will listen in. >> afghanistan and the economy which is doing very well, we have the strongest economy by far in the world, the tariffs have cost nothing in my opinion or certainly very little, we have important prices from and through july, all the way through july and they are down 1.8% so that the import prices have actually gone down, china
1:34 pm
is eating the tariffs because of monetary manipulation and also pouring a lot of money into their country because they don't want to lose jobs, they are losing as you probably know because you reported it but they lost over 2 million jobs in a short period of time and they want to make a deal, we will see what happens but they definitely want to make a deal, i would like to see hong kong worked out in a very humanitarian fashion. i hope president xi can do it, he sure has the ability, i could tell you that from personal knowledge, he certainly has the ability to do it if he wants to, so i would like to see that worked out in a humanitarian fashion, i think it would be very good for the trade deal that we are talking about and other than that, if you have any questions? [inaudible] >> what's the status of -- [inaudible] >> well, we are looking at afghanistan, we are talking to afghanistan, both the government and also talking to the taliban, having very good discussions, we
1:35 pm
will see what happens, we've got it down to probably 13,000 people and we will be bringing it down a little bit more and we will decide whether or not we will be staying longer or not. we are having very good discussions with the taliban and very good discussions with the afghan argument. >> what's the argument to stay? >> i think just that we've been there for 19 years, we are like a police force and that's about it, frankly, i think it's very important that we continue intelligence there in all cases because it is somewhat of a nest, if you look at what happened with the world trade, essentially came out of afghanistan, most of the people i think they may not have come from afghanistan originally but that's where they were taught, so there's a big argument to be made and i buy that argument, you know, it's tough when somebody says, well, this is a breeding ground, it is a
1:36 pm
breeding ground and we have things under control very well with the small force, we can probably make it a little bit smaller and then we will decide, it'll depend on the taliban, it'll depend on the afghan government, but there is a case to be made and the case also is that we are going to be leaving very significant intelligence behind for just the reasons that i stated. [inaudible] >> i can't comment on that, i can't do it, maggie. [inaudible] >> well i think president xi obviously has this in mind because he probably would have acted faster, i think he has at least something in mind having to do with trade because it's something that he could do fairly easily, it could be unfortunately very ruthless, so i do think it plays on his mind and i do think he -- he's thinking about what i've had to say, it would have an impact on trade, there's no question about it. [inaudible]
1:37 pm
>> well, greenland, i don't know, it got released somehow, denmark essentially owns, we are good allies with denmark, we protect denmark like we protect large portions of the world and the concept came up, strategically it's interesting and we would be interested but we will talk with them a little bit, it's not number 1 on the burner, i can tell you that. [inaudible] >> well, a lot of things can be done, essentially it's a large real estate deal, a lot of things can be done. it's hurting denmark very badly because they are losing almost $700 million year carrying it, so they carry it at great loss and strategically for the united states it would be nice and we are a big ally of denmark and we help denmark and we protect denmark and we will, i'm supposed to stop, i'm thinking about going there, i'm not necessarily going there but i
1:38 pm
may be going, we are going to poland and maybe going to denmark, not for this reason at all, but we are looking at it. it's not number one on the burner. >> mr. president, back to afghanistan -- [inaudible] >> well, i'm not trusting anybody, look, i'm not trusting anybody, it's a horrible situation that's going on in afghanistan. it has been for many years, russia tried to do something and at the time they did, they were the soviet union and now they are russia. they spent all their wealth on trying to do something in that land, many, many great nations in that land, it's a difficult territory. a lot of the very good people there i will say but also good fighters, we have it very much under control as far as what we are doing but the rest is, you
1:39 pm
know, a lot of bad things happened in kabul, a lot of things are happening in afghanistan, it's a -- some very positive things, we are there for one reason, we don't want to be a laboratory, can't be a laboratory for terror and we've stopped that and we have a very, very good view, i mean, some things are going to be announced over the next couple of weeks as to what happened, who has been taken out, a lot of people have been taken out that are very bad, both isis and al-qaeda. >> senator lindsey graham -- [inaudible] >> well, i guess that means lindsey is a tough man, okay, what else? [inaudible] >> continue selling -- [inaudible] >> no, that was reported and actually it's the opposite, hauwei, hauwei is a company we
1:40 pm
may not do business with at all and it was sort of reported i think the opposite today, i was surprised. we are actually open not to doing business with them today, i don't know who gave the report. now they have little sections of hauwei like furniture and other things that we could do but when you cut out sections it gets complicated, what is being sold, what's coming in so at this moment it looks like we are not going to do business, i don't want to do business at all because it is a national security threat and i really believe that the media has covered it differently than that, we are really looking not to do business with hauwei and we are talking about not doing any business because, again, the rest of it is not national security, but it's very difficult to -- to determine what's coming in and what's not coming in in hauwei, we will be making a decision over that in not too distant future but it's
1:41 pm
a little bit the opposite of what's being reported this morning. [inaudible] >> i had a very good meeting with tim cook, i have a lot of respect for tim cook and tim was talking to me about tariffs and you know one of the things that he made a good case is that samsung is number one competitor and samsung is not paying tariffs because they're based in south korea and it's tough for apple to pay tariffs, they are competing with a very good company that's not, i said how good a competitor he said they are a very good competitor, so samsung is not paying tariffs because they are based in a different location, mostly south korea but they are based in south korea and i thought he made a very compelling argument, so i'm thinking about it. [inaudible] >> reporting in cn, in that larry kudlow -- >> i hope not, i love larry kudlow, i think he's done a fantastic job, he has been going
1:42 pm
through health problems as you know, but i watched him this morning, he was terrific. i think larry is a terrific guy. i haven't heard that at all. [inaudible] >> i saw that they've had the worst year in 27 years because of what i've done and they want to come to the negotiating table, you know, they are having companies -- the companies are leaving and they are laughing off millions of people because they don't want to pay 25% and that's why they want to come to the table, i don't think any other reason, president xi likes me very much, they are losing millions and millions of jobs in china and we are not paying for the tariffs, china is paying for
1:43 pm
the tariffs for the 100th time and i understand tariffs work very well, other countries it may be that if i do things with other countries, but in the case of china, china is eating the tariffs. at least so far. >> a lot of the economists say that -- [inaudible] >> yeah. i'm prepared for everything. we are doing tremendously well, consumers are rich, tax cut loaded up with money. i saw wal-mart numbers through the roof, better than any poll, better than any economist and most economists actually say we are not going to have a recession, most of them are saying we will not have a recession but the rest of the world is not doing well like we are doing, the rest of the world, if you look at germany, if you look at european union,
1:44 pm
frankly, look at the uk, look at a lot of the countries, they are not doing well, china is doing poorly, parts of asia are doing poorly, we are doing better than any country or even area anywhere in the world, we are doing great and our consumer is really, really strong. it looks like they are going to be for a long time, also when you go and analyze the curve, the curve always means that about 2 years later maybe you'll go, that's a long time 2 years, but i don't think so, interest rates are low, i think i could be helped out by the fed but the fed doesn't like helping me too much, but, you know, frankly, we have money that's pouring into the country because they want the security of the united states, we have billions and billions of dollars daily that are pouring in and we've never had anything like that, we can loan the money and mortgage rates at all-time low, borrowing
1:45 pm
costs at all-time low, it's probably a great time, i told secretary mnuchin that it's a great time to refinance bonds, some of our bonds, you know, i mean, the money is pouring into the u.s., like never before and like no other country has ever experienced including china money. china money, everybody they are all coming into the u.s., we've never had anything like this, i think our economy is very, very good. [inaudible] >> well, i would be prepared for it. sure we can do a lot of things but if it slowed down it would be because i have to take on china and some other countries. look, you have other countries that are just as bad as china the way they treat us, if you take a look at what's happening with the european union, they have barriers, they have tariffs, taking a look at -- i'm not going to mention all the countries because you'll be surprised but we are treated very badly, a lot of them by our allies, we are treated very badly, when all of that normalizes we have a lot, our
1:46 pm
country will be stronger by far than ever before, if i wanted to make a bad deal and settle on china, the market would go up but wouldn't be the right thing to do. i'm just not ready to make a deal, china would like to make a deal, i'm not ready. [inaudible] >> oil tankers in gilbratar -- >> no update other than iran would like to talk also, i have to say also, china wants to talk and iran wants to talk. they don't know how to get there. they are very proud people but their economy is crashing, it's crashing, inflation is through the roof, they are doing really badly, they're not selling oil. even -- we put the sanctions on, the oil is selling much less, much less than we thought. it's like a trickle and they very much want to mick a deal, -- make a deal, they are proud people and understand, i have a feeling with maybe things with iran could work out and maybe not.
1:47 pm
if you noticed they haven't taken any of our boats, they haven't taken our ships, they have taken ships but they haven't taken our ships, they better not. i really think that iran wants to get there, they have a great potential, i say this about north korea, north korea has tremendous potential also iran has tremendous potential and we can do something very past but they don't quite know how to begin because they are proud people, they are very proud people, but their country is crashing, their economy is a disaster, they've got to do something so let's see what happens. [inaudible] >> so congress is working on that, they have bipartisan committees working on background checks and i don't want people to forget that this is a mental health problem, i don't want them to forget that because it is, it's a mental health problem and as i say and i said the other night in new hampshire, we had an incredible evening, i
1:48 pm
said, it's the people that pull the trigger, not the gun that pulls the trigger so we have a very big mental health problem and congress is working on various things and i will be looking at it. we are very much involved. we are very much involved in looking at what they're setting. [inaudible] >> do you support banning -- >> we will look at a whole list of things and i will make a determination then. but i will say congress is now as you know meeting in a bipartisan way, we will see what happens. a lot of things are happening on the gun level, a lot of things are happening but you have to remember also it's a big mental -- i was talking about mental institutions, they closed so many, like 92% of the mental institutions around this country over the years for budgetary reasons, these are people that have to be in institutions for help, i'm not talking about as a
1:49 pm
form of prison, i'm saying for help and i think it's something we have to really look at, the whole concept of mental institutions, i remember growing up, we had mental i have -- institutions, many of them were closed, a lot of them were closed and all of those people were put out on the streets and i said even as young guy i said how does that work, that's not a good thing, and it's not a good thing, so i think the concept of mental institution has to be looked at, unrelated to that i believe that the concept also of voter identification has to be looked at because you can't have great security for the voter, people that vote, you can't have that national security unless you are going to have voter identification, it's something people have to look at very strongly. [inaudible]
1:50 pm
>> yeah, i did, we had a lot of meetings and the golf was the least of it, i played 2 days, i don't care -- i like golf, it's fun, it's unimportant to me, usually i will play with senators, golf is not important from that standpoint other than it's a form of exercise and that's not so bad. [inaudible] >> yeah, yeah. yeah, there is. i mean, i have approved deal. it has to be approved by the senate, i have approved the deal. $8 billion, a lot of money, a lot of jobs and we know they are going to use these responsibly and approved the deal, a lot of money and it's a great aircraft and we really believe or we perhaps wouldn't have done it, they will use it very responsibly but tremendous numbers of jobs, it's $8 billion. [inaudible] >> voter id laws --
1:51 pm
>> no, no, unrelated, i wanted to bring that out while i'm here with you. i think voter id laws -- if you look -- voter identification, so when people show up to vote because if you look judicial watch made a settlement with california, i guess, or los angeles where they found over a million names that was very problematic, a problem, and you just take a look at that settlement, that's a lot of names. you had people that were well over 100 years old that were voting but we know they are not around any longer. the way you stop it is voter identification, we have to go and think about that and i hope republicans and democrats can vote, sit down and work something out on voter id. >> on voter fraud they didn't find any actual fraud. >> well, we let the commission -- the commission was having a
1:52 pm
tremendous problem legally getting papers from various states like california, they were absolutely hardlining, they didn't want to give this commission, it was just a quick commission, headed up by vice president pence, to look at voter fraud. the problem the commission had is we had to have a vast amount of lawyers which i didn't want to bother with because california and other states were giving up no information whatsoever and the reason they weren't giving up information is because they were guilty, they were guilty of it and they know they are guilty of it, many, many people voted that shouldn't have been voted. some people voted many times, what i'm saying is we need voter identification. we need voter id. >> i know it's -- [inaudible] >> when grow to denmark something you want to talk to them about? >> maybe. i don't think denmark is set in stone going there but if i did i would certainly talk about it but not -- not top on the list.
1:53 pm
>> how much do you think it's worth? >> we haven't gotten there yet. >> first we have to find out whether or not they have interest. >> they are losing almost $700 million carrying it, that's a lot of money for denmark, they are losing tremendous amount of money so we will see what happens. [inaudible] >> well, fox is always given me -- fox is a lot different than it used to be, i can tell you that. juan williams, then they have the wonderful woman that gave hillary clinton the questions, that was a terrible thing, and all of a sudden she's working for fox, what is she doing working for fox, fox has changed and my worst polls have always been from fox, something going on at fox, i will tell you right now and i'm not happy with it. [inaudible] >> i don't know what's happening with fox, but when they have like a juan williams who has never said a positive thing and yet when i show up at the fox
1:54 pm
building he's out there, sir, could i have a picture with you, he was 100% nice, i mean, you've never asked me for a picture. [inaudible] >> no, they have to run it the way they want to run it but fox is different, there's no question about it. i think they are making a big mistake because fox was treated very badly by the democrats, very, very badly with democrats having to do with debates and other things and i think fox is making a big mistake because, you know, i'm the one that calls the shots on that -- on the really big debates, i guess planning on three of them, well, i'm not happy with fox, i'm certainly happy -- i think sean hannity, lou dobbs and tucker carlson and laura, jesse watters, greg gutfeld, he wasn't good to me and now he sees all i
1:55 pm
have done, you would rather have a great president or a nice guy, nobody has done in 2 years what i've done and i say that a lot and very few people can challenge it. the first two and a half years nobody has done what i've done in terms of tax cuts, regulation cuts, the military, the vets, the choice, so many different things, nobody has done that, yeah. [inaudible] >> well, i'm talking to my people but ultimately we don't want to do with business hauwei for national security reasons. >> not even a temporary -- >> we will see what happens, i will making a decision tomorrow. we will make a decision tomorrow. [inaudible] >> i don't believe it, i don't believe it. every place i go we have lines outside, we have even phoney stuff with that. you guys were in new hampshire, maggie was there, you saw that
1:56 pm
room was packed and they had -- maggie, thousands of people outside and then i see some phoney website, some wise guys put up that place was packed. and "the new york times" actually saw that and actually there was a massive flag behind and even the seats behind the flag where you had no view -- [inaudible] >> because those people came down to be on the floor. all of the people, any empty seat, the people came down to be on the floor plus you had a big flag. look, we had i think 17,000 people outside that couldn't get in, the fire marshals closed it at a certain level, the arena announced, i don't know the people at the arena that i broke elton's record. they love to come to the floor, sitting in high areas and not allowed for fire reasons to have anymore people, so that was an amazing evening and you saw the
1:57 pm
enthusiasm, but we had a lot of people sitting behind that massive american flag that couldn't see so they moved over and they moved down and came down to the floor as the speech started but maggie was very fair and she was there and she saw the beginning of that speech, every seat was packed but then they came down, they do it all of the time. [inaudible] >> i don't know. what can i tell you, do i think i'm going to win, yes, do i think i have more enthusiasm now than i had before this, you know, the 2016 election, yes. i think -- i think you people do too and some of you have reported it. i think there's more enthusiasm for president trump than there was even for mr. trump, because what i said that i was going to do i did, the tax cut, the -- the regulation cuts, the biggest in history.
1:58 pm
in 2 and a half years, that's why the jobs are so good because of regulation cuts. [inaudible] >> i just don't want to comment on that. [inaudible] >> well, i can speak to him any time, he understands how i feel. i can't comment whether or not i spoke to him. i will tell you this, we are having very, very substantive talks with china and with others but with china. [inaudible] >> i can't believe it. you know, i tell you, i've never seen 2 million people, when you talk about crowd size, maggie, those are serious crowds, the hong kong crowds, when they said 2 million people on the streets, that really looked like 2 million people on president trump: i think it would be hard to deal, if they
1:59 pm
do violence. if it's another tienanmen square, it's hard to do if there is violence. but i think there would be present political sentiment not to do something. i hope -- i think we'll end up doing a very good deal. i think china needs to to deal much more than we do. but if this weren't part of the deal possibly something would have happened a long time ago. >> [inaudible] president trump: i tell you what i do support. i support liberty and democracy. i understand what's going on very well over there. i would love to see it worked out in a hugh main passion. i put out and i told you that i really believe -- i have a confidence in the talents of
2:00 pm
president xi. i think if he met with the protesters, within a short period of time they would work something out that's good for everybody. i believe that. he's a talented man, asiding from everything. i know him well, probably as well as anybody. i believe if he sat down with them. that's not his deal sitting down with people. he doesn't do that. but i think maybe the world changes. i think if president xi sat down with representatives of the protesters -- and they do have good representatives, strong representatives. i have been watching and seeing them. if he sat down i think they would work out out and -- work something out and it would be good for


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